Research on extraction and formulation intensification processes for natural actives of wine


The WineSense project is part of the Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) Marie Curie Actions, and as such, it aims to boost skills exchange between the commercial and non-commercial sectors by encouraging secondments of research staff between the industrial and academic partners, as well as recruitment of experienced researchers from outside the partnership.

The researchers involved in the project so far are:


Ana Álvarez works in the field of microwave extraction as part of her PhD studies. She has also been seconded for one month in Emina (Matarromera winery), where she has had the opportunity to take part in an extraction plant at industrial scale and learn new analysis techniques, like the determination of the extract’s antioxidant capacity and chromatographic analysis.






Ana Matias is a research fellow at iBET and she has expertise in separation/fractionation green processes to isolate bioactive compounds from natural sources and development of improved natural bio-products with health-promoting properties for application on nutraceuticals, natural ingredients or functional foods formulation. Ana joined the WineSense project on September 2014 as seconded experienced researcher at University of Valladolid. She is involved on the work packages of formulation, product characterisation and knowledge transfer management and implementation. In particular, presently she is working on the winemaking by-products extracts fractionation/ purification and encapsulation towards the development of a novel bioproduct with health-promoting effect on metabolic syndrome.









Arturo Álvarez has recently joined the project as a post-doctoral recruit at iBET and will be involved in product design and characterization, i.e. determination of morphological, composition and activity properties of the formulations, according to the product specifications provided by the industrial partners and on the objective of solubilisation of insoluble compounds and stabilization of water-soluble compounds.






Daniel Deodato MSc, is currently settled at University of Valladolid as an early-stage researcher and he is working together with Maria Jose Cocero on the Formulation workpackage. Daniel is responsible for the encapsulation of the multicomponent polyphenol extract using emulsion-template techniques combining high pressure and antisolvent effects, as well as the PGSS Drying (Particles from gas saturated solution) process.






Esther de Paz has been working in FeyeCon with Hayley Every in the development of quercetin formulations using different carrier materials. Esther has now joined iBET in order to work with Catarina Duarte in the evaluation of the influence of processing conditions on the morphological properties, composition and activity of the products.






Óscar Benito is a post-doctoral researcher working at FeyeCon D&I together with Hayley Every evaluating the economic feasibility and scale-up of the pressurized emulsions plant. The product development based on different quercetin formulations is also under development.






Rut Romero is currently working at iBET supervised by Catarina Duarte as part of her PhD studies. During her stay in iBET, she is involved in the development of a novel process for the selective recovery os polyphenolic compounds from winemaking residues for the treatment and prevention of metabolic syndrome.






Teresa Moreno joined the WineSense project in September 2014 as a post-doctoral recruit at University of Valladolid. She has experience in the development of processes for adding value to natural materials toward high value products and applications, and will be involved in the design and development of a continuous microwave process, as well as the formulation of the multicomponent polyphenol extract obtained. She will also participate in the dissemination and exploitation strategy, network creation, and outreach activities.








Vanessa Gonçalves (MSc Pharm Sciences) is a PhD student at IBET/ITQB-UNL (Portugal) and University of Valladolid (Spain). Her work in the Winesense project involves the development of water soluble quercetin formulations by pressurized ethyl acetate-in-water emulsion technique using natural origin surfactants.






Victoria Pazo
Victoria Pazo is a PhD student who joined the WineSense project in September 2015. She is currently working at Matarromera evaluating improvements for their actual extraction process. Also, she will continue the adsorption studies started by Yolanda Gil, in order to take into account the scaling-up of the process.






Yolanda Gil works as a Research Technician in Matarromera and is currently seconded to UVA, where she is working on solid-liquid adsorption techniques using macroporous adsorbents (resins) to concentrate polyphenols and to remove sugars, which will allow achieving concentrated polyphenolic extracts from grapes.